Portsmouth Tattoo Fest is pleased to confirm it’s world-class artists for 2021!

To arrange an appointment with your selected Tattoo Artist at this year’s convention please contact them directly. Artists will also be doing walk up’s at the convention.

Clicking an artist image will take you directly to their Instagram.

Wesley Lamb - The Ink Doctors

Jag Singh - The Ink Doctors

Gre Harp - HIJINKS Tattoo Club

Tim Childs - Southsea Tattoo Co

Steve Hunter - Blood Eagle Tattoos

Victor Dimitrov - KnowHow Tattoo

Aaron Willett - King Ship Tattoo

Alice Burgess

Chris Lewis - Lewis Point Tattoo

Mikey Davis - MD Ink

Casey Marie - Black Sheep Tattoo

Jay Blaudums - Urge4ink

Binked - Lily's Ink

- Indelible Ink

Mason Stoner - Poison Ink Tattoo's

James West - The Ink Factory

Daniel Thorne - The Ink Factory

Genevieve Willett (Body Piercing) - King Ship Tattoo

Nicole Burman - Blood Eagle Tattoos

Bunny Tattoo - Forever & Ever Tattoo

Gemma Denise Foran - Life Won't Wait Tattoo

Gina Wilson - House Of Shades

Ethan Phillips - Kingston Ink

Mike Bays - Studio 6

Justin Winslade - Unique Tattoos

Sam Ordish - The Ink Doctors

Rich Laban - Carnival Tattoo

Sean Hedger - Needle and Fred

Sikes - King Ship Tattoo

Oliver Sims - HIJINKS Tattoo Club

Georgie Boxall - Basement 22 Tattoo

Martha Leblique-Blood Eagle Tattoo

Joel Morley - MD Ink

Soozie Soo - Inkers Away

Roberto Cardoso

John Henson - Keep Sake Tattoo

Connor Dann - Poison Ink Tattoo's

Lucy Scovell - King's Ship Tattoo

James Allen - Straight To The Point

John Powell - Straight To The Point

Matt Lewis

Jennifer Banner - The Ink Boss

Fran Perry - False Flag Tattoo

Joss Wilders - Life Won't Wait Tattoo

Pinto Nelson - 2Skrib Tattoo

Amber Elliot - Southsea Tattoo Co

Ashley Harris - Unique Tattoos

Alex Von Harten-Blood Eagle Tattoo

Kirk Gregory - Blood Eagle Tattoos

John Parker - Southsea Tattoo Co

Alexandru Nedelcu-Andreiu - Inkslingers

Nero Taylor - The Ink Doctors

Chrissy Hills - HIJINKS tattoo Club

Will Butcher - False Flag Tattoo

Urban Vigilante - Forever & Ever

Dan Pease - Rock Steady Tattoo

Laura Drivin - Urge4ink

Gez Bradley - Indelible Ink

Lacey Vassallo - King Ship Tattoos

John Treharne - Skin Creation

Heidi Smith - Archers Tattoo Studio

Alexander Russell - King Ship Tattoo

Gary Stephens - The Ink Boss

Diddy Martin - Forever & Ever Tattoo

Matt Cousins - False Flag Tattoo

Dave Levitt - House of Shades

Peter Farrell - Fortunata Thirteen Tattoo